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    Combobox with chained choices and disabled items


      I had to implement a set of 3 linked/related/chained dropdown menu choices where some items in each list could be disabled.

      Even though this might seem a very legitimate request and quite simple to implement I did not find this straightforward and

      went on with one of my first "developement"


      For the chaining of choices I used




      which is a great place to find all kinds of flex related infos



      For the disabling of Combobox items I went through




      which references




      (note for NoScript users you must have 163.com and 126.com at least temporarily allowed to be able to properly see this page)


      and this code works very well  even though I needed the code for being able to properly handle keyboard events in the dropdown list


      You can now grab the complete code of this complete and self working modified example at




      Thanks again to all the code "providers" I mentioned above and feel free to (re)use the code, modify it, make comments or ask questions