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    Dreamweaver Quits When Uploading or Downloading

      My site was set up on my Mac with OS 10.3.9. That one works fine when I upload or download. I am switching to a new computer with 10.5.4. I copied all the site files and set up the FTP on the new computer to upload to the server. I copied all of the settings exactly (I've checked it several times). I tested the connection and DW found the server. I chose a file to upload and clicked on the "put files" button. I got a very quick "connected to server" message, then DW quit and did not upload the files. It also does this when I click on the "get files" button or "connects to remote host" button. My root folder is Macintosh HD:Library:WebServer:sitefolder: . I don't have a test server set up. I don't understand what's making it quit. My network speed and memory on my computer are fine too.