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    Adobe has me confused


      I'm a flash developer, and I've been for many years. I was recently convinced to try out Flex - which I did. While it won't take over flash in terms of the type of stuff I do (for now at least) I do recognise the prowess of Flex - and I even managed to convince my boss to purchase the Flex Builder for me along with my Flash CS4 upgrade. But now literally 4 days after I placed the order, I read in a blog about Flash Builder 4 - which I believe is the upgrade to Flex 3.

      Is that the case. Should I then try and cancel by flex 3 Builder order and wait for Flash Builder 4.

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          Christian Giordano Level 1

          If you are at the beginning and you don't have to deliver any commercial Flex 3 project soon, I would just play with the 4 beta.


          cheers, chr

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            I told my boss I don't really need Flex right now - as we're doing RIAs and I've been playing with the free version, but since we were buying CS4 he thought we'd get them at the same time. Just contacted the resellers, turns out she quoted me incorrectly anyway, so that's great. I just spoke to a flex guy. I was confused after reading Lee Brimlow's blog with Flex Builder and Flash Builder, now I realise it's just a renaming.


            But I'm glad though that if we do make a purchase in the next 3 months I know to ask for Flash Builder, rather than spending money on an old product.

            Thanks for your repsonse.

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              It all depends on how quickly you will need to use it for your work.  Flash Builder 4 will most likely have to go through several beta versions before it's ready for commercial use.  Who knows how long that will be...

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                Peter deHaan Level 4

                Flex 4 is scheduled to be released in Q4 of 2009. [via http://opensource.adobe.com/wiki/display/flexsdk/Gumbo]



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                  nehalia Level 1

                  I may sound stupid, but I still a little new to this....


                  I'm confused as to what Flex 4 is.  Is it an SDK?  What is an SDK?  Can someone explain this to me?

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                    bluegenie_Sa Level 1

                    @If memory serves, SDK just stands for software development kit. so really just an application to develop in, like NetBeans or Eclipse.


                    if i can explain it my layman way - seeing that I'm also a Flex newbie. Flex is an application that Adobe developed that looks very much like .NET (to me at least). It uses ActionScript 3 and mxml (macromedia xml) to create Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). Flex outputs a swf file. You can use that swf file in your browser but you can also use flex to output for AIR (Adobe integrated runtime environment) which lets you have a desktop application (similar but more powerful than the exe).


                    thing is, in my opinion, if you're doing graphic intensive flash projects, like I am (slot games) - it's difficult to work in Flex, whereas if you're doing a online shopping type thing, where aesthetics is not as important as robustness, then Flex (or Flash Builder in the future) seems the better route to go.

                    You can place flash swf files into Flex. I've not used swcs thus far, only swfs, and so far it hasn't been too bad.

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                      nehalia Level 1

                      I know what Flex Builder 3 is, and I know that Flash Builder is going to be its new name.  What is escaping me is that along with Flex Builder 4 there is Flex 4.  I could be way off base here (which is why I asked for correction) but I think Flash Builder is the IDE(the program you develop in) and the new Flex is the back-end code base that developers can have access to and manipulate(?)

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                        Vera Carr Level 2

                        Hi Nehalia,


                        Flex 4 is not a back-end code base, but rather deals with the interface and client-side logic. With Flex Builder 3, you likely used the Flex 3 framework (unless doing AS3 projects) and now with Flash Builder 4 there is also an update to the Flex framework - Flex 4. The Flex framework with Flash Builder 4 is not new but certainly has some new features - new Spark component architecture, support for FXG and interoprability with Flash Catalyst, support for new Flash Player capabliityes, and much more. I hope this helps.



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                          GordonSmith Level 4

                          I'm confused as to what Flex 4 is. Is it an SDK? What is an SDK? Can someone explain this to me?


                          Here's my 2 cents as an SDK engineer...


                          SDK is a generic term for a Software Development Kit. The Flex SDK includes a runtime framework for RIAs running on the Flash Player, plus a set of command-line tools (like an MXML/ActionScript compiler) for developing applications that use this framework. The framework provides components like Buttons and DataGrids, and services like layout management, animated effects, localization, etc.


                          Flash Builder (formerly Flex Builder) is an integrated development environment (IDE) for making it easy to develop apps with the Flex SDK. It provides a fancy editor that does code hinting and coloring; a design view where you just drag components where you want them and set their properties in a property inspector panel; and a visual debugger where you just click in code to set a breakpoint and, when you hit it, inspect your variables.


                          You don't have to use an IDE like Flash Builder to use the Flex SDK -- you could use just Notepad and Command Prompt, say, on Windows -- but an IDE makes things a lot easier and makes you more productive.


                          Gordon Smith

                          Adobe Flex SDK Team