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    Convert doc to PDF and make it available for workspace

    Jan Babicky Level 1



      is there a way, how to convert a doc file to PDF file and make it available for the workspace (accept - deny scenario)?

      Lets say, that I have a contract that has to be approved by my manager. I convert the doc to PDF file and send it to his to-do queue. He than decides if it is a good agreement or bad one.


      I see couple of tricks in this. First, the converted file needs to have process fields included, so it has to be a form.

      Converted file is a flat PDF. I tried to use DDX to merge flat PDF and form with process fields, however that throwed and error.

      Workaround could be creating an envelope saying, hey, look in the attachments section, there is something you need to review.

      I can create an attachment in the form with DDX code, however only in the DDX UI interface, for some reason, it wont work in the process in LC.

      Also, I have difficulties with routes after user hits the accept, deny buttons in workspace, nothing happens :-(


      Could you please give me some advices, what kind of variables I need, what types they should be and how the process should looklike? I want to invoke it over the WSDL so at least one document has to be passed over it. The envelope can be in the resources section in LC (makes sense, but I do not know how to address it in the DDX and afterwards)


      Thanks in advance,