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    generatePDFOutput service produces unexpected results

    Amal Elaine Level 1



      At the end of an orchestration, I am using the "generatePDFOutput" service to transform the xdp file into a pdf and then store it on the file system.  The xdp form has a lot of form initialization, depending on its status at the time the form is opened, and it also has a lot of show / hide presence settings.


      The orchestration completes successfully and writes the file to the file system.  But when I double click on the newly-created pdf file, none of the show / hide presence settings appear properly (everything is shown, nothing is hidden).


      The file opens with acrobat 8 professional because that's what I have, but I imagine it may also be opened with reader if someone with only reader accessed the file.


      Is this occurring because acrobat 8 pro does not recognize the form initialization script?  the show / hide settings?  If so, what's the process one should use when using the generatePDFOutput service?


      For what it's worth, here are the specific settings in the output service: