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    Text in styles Robo 7?

      We're trying to set up Robo 7 styles that have text like Note:, Warning:, Caution: built in. The old trick in pre-Word 2007 was to set up a bullet-list style and enter text such as Note: instead of a bullet symbol.

      Is there a way to build text into a para style in Robo 7?

      -- David

      By the way, my students in an online help course and I are building Robo 7 tutorials:

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          FuzzieMac Level 1
          Snippets provide most of the solution. Just create a snippet such as Caution and format it with font, color etc.

          One limitation is that you cannot enter text on the same line as the snippet. I have found no way of doing so, even by tampering with the HTML. (With the Note:, for example, text often begins on the same line.)

          -- David