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    Using BluRay .m2ts in Premiere


      Has anyone stumbled across a (relatively) easy way to convert the m2ts files from BluRay discs for editing in Premiere?


      (For the record, no copyright infringement will be involved...it's a long story)

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          I faced the same problem trying to edit BlueRay M2TS files generated by AME. Premiere can only edit M2TS if the Audio stream is in AC3 format and the video is H.264 or MPEG2. If your M2TS file contains LPCM audio, Premiere will not recognize it. In that case you should extract the LPCM audio stream and the video stream from the M2TS container and import them separately into Premiere and then join them on the timeline. To extract streams from M2TS you can use TsMuxeR GUI - free download on the web. If your audio is in a format other than AC3 or LPCM, you would first need to convert the Audio stream to AC3 or LPCM.