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    How to create EncryptDocument Process ?


      I'm new to Adobe LiveCycle ES, and I'm now stuck with all tutorials dealing with pdf encryption because most of them are using the EncryptDocument process. But I didn't manage to find where this process creation with Workbench ES is explained. If somebody could indicate me where it is, or how to create it, it would really help me..



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          SForrest96 Level 4

          LiveCycle ES Update 1 supports three methods for document encryption, Password protection, Certificate based encryption (digital certificates are used to encrypt the PDF for specific users), and Rights Management ES document encryption.


          The password based encryption, and certificate based encryption is part of the "Encryption" service that can be located in the "Common" category in Workbench.  This ships with LiveCycle as part of the foundation.


          The Rights Management ES based encryption is a sepearte solution component that you must purchase a license for.


          For further information on these services, search the Workbench help for "Certificate Encrypt PDF", Password Encrypt PDF" and "Apply Policy"


          Note: LiveCycle ES (8.0x) did npot support Certificate based encryption.  It was added to Update 1.




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            w4termelon Level 1

            We purchased Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management ES as well (we've got the complete set of tools, v8.2). My problem is more to follow liveDocs or quick start guides, because they all mention a process called "EncryptDocument", which should be created with Workbench ES, but I don't find any tutorial to create it correctly.


            Here is an example of a livedoc refering to this process :

            http://livedocs.adobe.com/livecycle/8.2/programLC/programmer/help/wwhelp/wwhimpl/js/html/w whelp.htm?context=sdkHelp&topic=learn_lc_sdk_qs&accessible=true


            If somebody already created this process, or knows where I can find info about creating it, it would really help me..

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              SForrest96 Level 4

              The link you posted is for samples using the Java APIs for LiveCycle. Do you want to create your process using LiveCycle Workbench (visual design tool) or the Java APIs and an IDE like Eclipse?


              If you want to use Workbench, there are process samples available as well.  The can be configured during a Turnkey install, or installed at a later time by importing the LCA (LiveCycle Archive).  The sample LCAs can be found at C:\Adobe\LiveCycle8.2\LiveCycle_ES_SDK\samples (assuming a default turnkey install.)




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                w4termelon Level 1

                Well you're right, I'd like to create a web service client with the Java API using an IDE (IntelliJ IDEA), but of course this client needs to connect to a wsdl remote procedure call => EncryptDocument as mentionned in the tutorial, and I assume it has to be created with Workbench ES.


                Livecycle installation was made with the turnkey procedure, so in samples I can find several wsdl, but any of them is called "EncryptDocument". Are you sure this one is provided as a sample ? I'll check again tomorrow at work, but I'm quite sure this not the case .