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    Using Http Service in Flex components (dynamic loading)

    Rajesh Subbiah

      Hi all,


      I just want share few things which i learnt when developing an application.


      Whenever you want to dynamically load flex components from server using HttpService,following points will be helpful.


      1. If you to load your data in chart/datagrid (i.e data is not hierarchical ) then you can use following HttpService

              The resultformat must be E4X with proper result handlers. example

              <mx:HTTPService id="srv" resultFormat="E4X" url="http://localhost:8080/SampleWebApp/test.jsp"/>


      2. If you need to load your data in TREE (i.e. data is hierarchical) then the resultFormat must be xml




      Hope this will help you ppl in designing your applications



      Rajesh Subbiah