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    Some random crashing problems in AE CS3...


      So I've only had CS3 for about a month now (had 6.5 forever) and I'm having some stability problems. Using vista 64 but had the same problems in 32 bit vista (and windows 7 which I tried for about a week).


      First it was crashing because of divx, I uninstalled divx.


      Then it seemed that Cineform Neoscene was crashing it, they released an update and I reinstalled Neo scene with the update and that stopped crashing it. Now I get somewhat random crashes that just say App crash and I get a message pop up that says


      "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library


      Runtime Error!


      Program: C:\Program Files (x...



      -pure vital function call"


      What is this and how do I stop it from happening? It seemes to happen in Encore and Premiere aswell.


      I am running as administrator...



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          TimeRemapper Level 4

          Do you have any additional 3rd party codec packs installed (other than DivX)?

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            SteppenWCCR Level 1

            Nothing other than an AC3 decoder...

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              TimeRemapper Level 4

              What kind of footage are you using in your projects?

              Is it material that is converted using Cineform's tools?

              How about still images/audio? In what format are they?


              Also, have you run all updates to the CS3 suite?

              How about windows updates? .Net fixes, directX updates, display drives, etc...


              You mention having tried multiple OS' recently. Were those on different machines, or the same machine consistently rebuilt?

              By Windows 7, I'm guessing you're meaning the Release Candidate, right?

              Can you provide more specs on your hardware?

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                SteppenWCCR Level 1

                Most of the footage is cineform files, converted using the latest version of neo scene. But its happened before I've even opened a project or imported any kind of files. Audio is PCM. Sometimes the error will come up and if I hit x instead of "close the program" it stays running just fine, other times it will close.


                Adobe updater updated everything by itself, know it updated all the core programs, etc. (using Production Premium)


                Every available vista update is installed including service pack 2. Latest nVidia drivers, etc. I ran spybot and antivirus software today.


                All the OS were on the same system but the HDD was completely formatted inbetween installs.  Yes W7 RC was used.


                Core 2 Duo T9300

                4GB RAM

                nVidia 8600M

                1 internal 320GB HDD

                1 external esata 1TB HDD

                Blu ray read + write drive



                I have a feeling it could be something to do with Cineform but what and why?


                EDIT -


                It just happened when I tried to open Encore and crashed before the program even started with this in the details:


                Problem Event Name: APPCRASH

                Application Name: Adobe Encore.exe

                Application Version:

                Application Timestamp: 46cf7628

                Fault Module Name: libguide40.dll

                Fault Module Version: 4.0.2007.602

                Fault Module Timestamp: 4661a089

                Exception Code: c0000005

                Exception Offset: 000133f0

                OS Version: 6.0.6002.

                Locale ID: 1033



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                  Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

                  Can you try uninstalling Cineform, then use the appliation with other source files you may have at hand and see if it stil crashes? If it does, re-install Cineform as it's most likely not the culprit.

                  Another user was having problems with Cineform a couple of weeks ago, and he managed to fix it by uninstalling it and re-installing again. Sometimes there are remaining components left from previous versions.

                  It won't hurt trying, if only to rule it out.

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                    TimeRemapper Level 4

                    This may be a shot in the dark, and I know you're not using a Mac, but I recently saw this article pertaining to the 8600M.

                    Perhaps you should try rolling your driver back to a known safe version to see if it resolves the issue.