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    Premiere Update 3.01 and 3.2.0 won't update


      Hi all,

      Since i am Dutch and have a usa CS-3 suite The support people WON'T help me because I am NOT living in the us ( that's what the us guys told me)

      And I have a US serial number so we won't help you ( thats what the dutchies telling me )

      Well GREAT !!!!!!!


      But maybe on this forum there are no boarders or idiot follow the leader rules, or boxed @#$%@#$% that whatever !!!!!!


      I reinstalled my CS-3 and want to update premiere from 3.000 to 3.2.0.

      The updates are downloaded to my drive, but the updater says :


      1: Installing Patch

      2:Update failed, cannot find the product.....


      Any help is very welcome here since the adobe guys pretty much letting me down.......