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    ToC, Index, Search appearing blank in RH8 Webhelp


      Hello - I have been reviewing the forum questions and answers for about a year now - some great advice - but I can't seem to find an answer to my current problem, so I need to post it here.


      I have recently upgraded our help system from RH7 to RH8. I generated Webhelp this week and all was well on my local system in both IE7 and FF3. The long list of every possible number and letter which was appearing in FF in the search column had disappeared and search was behaving exactly as I hoped. Nothing else looked anything other than perfect.


      I made the submission to our engineering team and when it was integrated, I tested again. IE remains fine, but in FF, we get the "welcome" page, but an empty column where the ToC should appear. Same with the index - I can enter a keyword, but I get no results. Ditto for search.


      Our test and production environments are different, obviously, than my local environment - I put the Webhelp output on an Apache server and all was well. It only breaks when it goes into the production environment.


      I was told to tell you that our Apache server does a rewrite rule to Weblogic (9.2.3) - where, with the exception of the UGLY search results in FF from the RH7 Webhelp, all worked well with RH7 output. Our environment hasn't changed, so we believe that we may need to change something in a config file to accommodate changes in RH8. ( We made the changes to UTF-8 as recommended in earlier posts some months ago.)


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.