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    Reader 9 Not displaying properly  ~ hp8730w


      We have new laptops in the office that are the HP8730w. All other elements Window XP; Nividia Video Cards; software is the same. We have the problem that when you open a pdf, the Reader opens up, the window menu is surrounding the window pane, but the middle of the Reader is empty and you can see your desktop or Outlook opened underneath it. Sometime it goes away and items can be opened and read, however it keeps popping up so to speak. Many times we have to reboot in order to get it to behave correctly.


      We can't seem to find a common thread. It happens when

           Opening a pdf on the Internet

           Opening a pdf through Outlook

           Opening a file that was saved as an attachment from Outlook

           Opening a file that is local

           Opening a file that is on the server.


      A side note: we can't do a print screen and paste into word or photoshop either.


      ANybody else have this problem