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    Flex4, Zend and mamp question/problem

    Krellee Level 1

      Hi Everyone

           I have a question about using zend with multiple sites on you local machine at the moment i have the following set up


           Htdocs -

                          Site 1

                          Site 2

                          Site 3


      As you can see there are 3 sites whithin the server htdocs all works well with my work flow and i have had no trouble before

      how ever i've downlloaded Flash Builder (gumbo) and have tried to set up a php service zend installs ok but i cant get any further i get error about the gatway.


      But when i do the same but use HTDOCS(no subfolders) as my folder all works fine any ideas how i can get around this?


      I hope this makes sense and someone can help