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    TileList items remain after being removed from the list


      I am creating an application that will upload photos but displays them in a TileList prior to upload.  The list has a custom item renderer which gives a certain colored background to an item depending on whether or not it is uploading.  Once the "Upload" button is clicked the items upload sequentially and are *removed from the list automatically*.


      Things work well if I don't scroll while the upload code is removing items from the list, but if I scroll quickly while items are being removed something goes haywire and items end up being:


      1) Drawn over the top of each other and/or

      2) Are still sitting there even after they have been removed from the list (and remain even if more items are added to the list)


      Please see the attached photo which demonstrates the list after all items have been removed.  Notice there is one item at the top that expands only to the left edge of where the scroll bar would be, even though it is now gone, and another item sitting down at the bottom of the component.


      Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!  This TileList is making me crazy!