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    Help needed with getting Robohelp working again

    Jenny Boudreaux

      I got transferred all over Adobe-land this morning without getting an answer. Someone please help!


      We have a license for Robohelp X5, which we use to publish Webhelp to a server. i got a new PC but can't find install disks, probably lost (along with the building I was working in) during a hurricane. So, now I have version 4 installed but can't activate it.


      So we bought Robohelp version 8, but didn't realize we have to buy server program separately. Boss is on vacation PLUS, this might not happen given the cost.


      Called Adobe, got transferred everywhere, at one point someone said I could request install for 5, another person says no, can only get install for current version, which I have but can't use.


      So, it's back to how do I continue working, since

      a) can't install 5

      b) can't activate 4

      c) can't use 8


      Any help would be appreciated!!!!



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          ElisaFnord Level 2

          Not to second-guess the Adobe Support people, but there's one thing you didn't mention that might be important:


          When you published your X5 Webhelp to the server, was the server running a separate program called RoboHelp Pro (or RoboHelp Server)?


          RoboHelp Pro (it was renamed RoboHelp Server sometime around X5/RH6) is an advanced server software package, with extra features, but it is not necessary to publish Webhelp on a server. If you weren't using the Pro/Server software before, you can go ahead and install RoboHelp 8.


          If you aren't sure whether you used RoboHelp Pro/roboHelp Server, you should ask the server administrator.




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            Jenny Boudreaux Level 1

            Yes, we have a server which is running "RoboEngine" and we publish all our help in "WebHelp Pro" format to this server.

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              johndaigle Level 4

              Hi, Jenny.

              Just adding to Elisa's excellent comment.  From your "RoboEngine" response I suspect you were using RH X5 (authoring client) to publish WebHelp Pro to the RoboEngine. The old eHelp/Macromedia RoboEngine technology is more than 7 years old. So, it would make sense to upgrade to Adobe RoboHelp Server 8, especially now that you have already upgraded to the more modern RoboHelp 8 authoring client. (I believe the Server upgrade price is $999)


              The new Adobe RoboHelp Server 8 has a better search facility, security model, and a much easier installation/administration interface.


              A logical workflow would be to back up your old RH X5 project and then open it in RoboHelp 8 which will automatically upgrade your original project to the new version. Then, after the RoboHelp Server 8 is installed, you would publish your project as "WebHelp Pro" to the new server.


              Also, when you say "we," does this mean there are other authors on your team? If so, you want to make sure everyone is on the same version (RH 8.)


              John Daigle

              Adobe Certified RoboHelp and Adobe Captivate Instructor