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    Merged CHM files - Global search does not work


      We have created a merged HTML Help project using RH7. The output is in CHM format. When I use the search tab in the merged CHM file (parent CHM file), only the parent CHM file topics are searched. The child CHM file topics are not searched. The search results are only from the parent CHM file.

      However, when I open any of the child projects separately, I can use the search tab to find a word and get the matching results. But these results never get listed while I am searching from the global merged CHM file.

      Should one of the files in RH project be manually tweaked? I considered deleting the CPD files but that did not help. The global XPJ file seems okay when I opened with Notepad. It listed the right paths for child CHM files. The HHP file is something that I tried to edit but it does not help much - The HHP showed absolute paths, so renamed it to relative paths. But when I regenerate the CHM files, the HHP was re-created with absolute paths and there’s no way I can control it. (although I am not sure if that’s the real problem).


      The TOC seems to be okay though- I can see all the items of global and child CHM TOCs listed and navigate without problem.