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    Can't capture on Premiere and useless audio/video on Onlocation


      When i try to capture on Premiere, it says that it's capturing, but it only creates the files, it does not populate them, leaving me with useless 120-150kb AVI-files. (See attached images) I have selected DV/PAL (Yes, i have a PAL-camera) and tried with/without device control, Scene detect, and all theese things.

      I can capture with other programs like Movie Maker, DVapp etc.


      I also tried to capture using the Onlocation program, but the audio/video is all useless there. When i press the play-button on the camera, i get chopped-up video (Like a DVD with scratches on it) and stuttering sound.


      I believe my PC is powerfull enough, 6Ggb RAM, Intel 2.4Ghz Quad Core, Vista Ultimate 64, 750gb HDD for video, Nvidia Geforece 9800GT.

      Motherboard is a MSI P35-Neo


      The FireWire card is made by ST-Lab and uses a standard PCI-port. The card was added after i installed Premiere, can this be the problem?


      I have tried just about everything i have read regarding capture issues, but nothing seems to help me.