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    I can't render an Uncompressed Alpha layer. Help



      I did my project in premiere. One layer has the band playing and the layer above has all the cut away scenes.

      I exported the bottom layer of the band footage and did all the colour correction etc on it and am now trying to do the same for the second layer.

      The problem is there are gaps in the footage where the layer below would be playing. So when I export the second layer, black is displayed and this covers up the footage below in After Effects. A uncompressed 10bit AVI does not give me an option of millions+ colours or rendering with alpha. I just tried rendering as un uncompressed Quicktime codec with millions + colours ticked but it did the same.


      How can I get uncompressed footage with an alpha layer so that I can see the footage in the layer below when there is nothing to be displayed in the layer above?


      The shoots are different so thats why I'm doing 2 different colour corrections