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    Can't rename Layers in Flash CS4

    John Stanowski Level 2

      When I double click on a layer name the editable text field appears for a fraction of a second, then disappears.

      The only way around this is to right click and change the name in Properties... which isn't very convenient esp. since "Properties" is at the bottom of the list and the timeline is also at the bottom of the screen.

      At one point, this problem resolved itself. Not sure what I did to fix it. But recently I had to trash my preferences and now the problem is back.

      Can anyone help?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This sounds familiar... maybe I'm the one who mentioned the Properties option.  Anyways, here's something you can try.  Try resetting the workspace to the default or your own default if you have one saved.  Window -> Workspace -> etc

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            John Stanowski Level 2

            Not sure why but some workspaces fix the problem. I'll have to avoid some workspaces now.

            Still, it worked. Thanks (again?).

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You're welcome.  If you have a preferred layout, take the workspace you have now, move things around as you like, and save it with your name as an identifier.  Hopefully, if you run into this again it will reset with everything working the way it should.

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                jendehaan Level 4

                Yes, we have heard of this issue, but it's very specific to the way the panels are situated. For instance, it could be that one certain panel is on a primary monitor and another certain is on a secondary monitor and docked to some other panel - specific to panels, docking, and what's on the primary and secondary monitors and maybe even where they are.  You may be able to change your old layout slightly (then perhaps resave it), and use that with success.


                If you ever run into this again, or have that saved workspace with the issue, please send it to us (attach images here or send images and/or workspace XML to jdh (at) adobe - more info the better!) so we can look into and fix the problem. Workspace XML can be found in your configuration folder - it will be named with the same name as your workspace -- for example on my Vista it is here C:\Users\Jen\AppData\Local\Adobe\Flash CS4\en\Configuration\Workspace. We have't received such info yet, and haven't been able to reproduce this particular remaining layout problem internally yet - and it would help figure out what the problem is for sure.



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                  I've had this problem ever since I upgraded just Flash CS4 from CS3 Web premium collection. I change the layouts and seems to work for a short time but reverts back to not working. I mostly publish in flash 8 and 9 and seemed like layer naming would work when I had my document set to flash 10...but is not the case. Can I try throwing out the preferences? Should I try and re-install flash cs4? Not being able to name layers quickly is very frustrating. I work with 2 monitors but do not have any panels on second montior. What can I provide you to figure this out? Is there anything I can do?


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                    jendehaan Level 4

                    My guess is that whatever about the workspace is causing the problem, your workspace is hitting that state again when you change it.


                    For what it's worth, I finally reproduced this issue internally (after attempting to since we first heard this in the community long ago) thanks to XML and information sent to us from these threads -- so thanks very much everyone for the information you have sent in. I couldn't reproduce it off the XML that was sent directly, but after continuing to use it in regular use, and it suddenly occured after opening and docking some panels. (I'm afraid to play with this too much to help with resolutions because developers may need to look at my machine that's currently in this state). So maybe the set width of something you're opening, saved from an earlier state, is what's causing the issue and why you're running into it again.


                    Because this bug clearly seems linked to the layout, the most I can suggest is to remove all of your user configuration files so they're (the original default workspaces) generated when you first open Flash. For example, mine are at C:\Users\jdehaan\AppData\Local\Adobe\Flash CS4\. This way you're making sure none of your workspaces have that bad state saved in them, and hopefully you'll run into this less frequently or not at all.

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                      I'm having this same issue on a Mac. Where are the configuration files located on a Mac? Thanks!

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                        I think I may have this figured out.  I am using dual monitors, on Windows XP Pro (Service Pack 3).  Basically, I can open any panels, move them anywhere without a problem.  I tried each panel one at a time, resized, moved them etc... all is well.  Until I added the "Behaviors Panel".  As soon as that is opened the error with the layer renaming happens instantly.  I can close/open/move, etc... any other panel, but the second the Behavior panel is opened the bug returns.


                        Let me know if anyone else has this problem.  I suggest the following:


                        1. Open a working layout (anyone will do, as long as it's working).

                        2. Open as many panels as you want (DO NOT OPEN BEHAVIORS YET) and move them wherever you want, resize, etc..

                        3. Check after opening each new panel and confirm that the renaming of layers is still functioning.

                        4. Save your functioning layout.

                        5. Now go and open the Behaviors Panel, and then test to see if the layer renaming problem occurs.


                        Report back to this post with your findings.


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                          jendehaan Level 4

                          It seems to be a case of both the Actions panel *and* the Behaviors panel being open at the same time. This was affecting hot text, and it also seems to affect Layer renaming too.


                          Thanks for the feedback!  And see earlier posts in this thread for workarounds.



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                            oldschoolmx Level 1

                            Same problem here. I do have two monitors on a Mac. Using CS4.

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                              Old Will

                              I have a mac-mini and CS4 and can't rename layers and I see nothing posted here related to fixing this bug.  I work with a PC at school and have no problems but obviously the Mac version is not supported by Adobe, or do I have that wrong?

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                                Old Will Level 1

                                I also wanted to ad that Adobe Photoshop for a Mac or PC allows a person the option at start-up to reset or restore settings to a workspace, but that option doesn't seem to work for Flash, e.g., option/command/shift at start-up.  I have serious regrets about my Mac and Adobe!

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                                  jendehaan Level 4

                                  Hi there,


                                  We definitely support Mac - that's where half our testing is, and obviously we support given the previous attention to this thread by Adobe. Regardless, there are several workarounds mentioned above (unfortunately not having the Behaviors and Actions open at the same time), and you'll also see a fix in an upcoming release.

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                                    Old Will Level 1

                                    Hello, jdehaan,


                                    Thanks for your fast reply  --  I'm not working at being a pain, but sometimes issues can be frustrating.


                                    The work-arounds you mention are for PC's (as I recall) and I have found no way to solve this yet for my Mac version, e.g., right clicking on the layer icon or going to modify layer, double clicking the layer icon, using various command/clicks to modify the layer icon, so I'm open to suggestions  --  and if I mis-read the work-around ideas on how to re-configure a Mac preference, please point that out.



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                                      Old Will Level 1

                                      I take back what I previously said about working at being a pain. After going back and looking this thread and the posts for the last year, it's very obvious that this product is defective and has no support.  There is no work-around for a Mac,or at least no person at this Adobe site that understands how to support the problem!  The lack of support for this issue is not helpful to customers that pay real money for products!

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                                        jendehaan Level 4

                                        It, internally at least and as far as I've heard from other users, behaves exactly the same way on the Mac and Windows and the workaround is identical on my end. Did you close both panels and then switch back to or reset back to a default layout that was saved prior to or without opening both of those panels?  If I, for example, close the panels and switch back to the Essentials layout I can name layers again (this also affects other text in panels of a certain code base on both platforms - same thing, which is the source of the bug, fixed for a upcoming version). This is on my Mac (only computers I have at home!)


                                        If you see it after switching back to one of the defaults, that the problem could be that default workspace is actually a modified version that had those two panels open.


                                        I'm sorry your support experience has been unpleasant.



                                        (At home on Friday night on the Adobe Forums)

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                                          Old Will Level 1

                                          Thanks for your reply, but that work-about doesn't seem to help me.  I guess I'll just find a way to fly this without layer names.




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                                            Old Will Level 1

                                            I guess I'm on a role, but after NOT being able to rename layers on a Mac, I also have been unable to make buttons using action scripts.  It seems as if I may be able to use behaviors instead, but so far, my experience with Flash is growing into a long list of things to ***** about.  I go to a school that uses PC's and most of the support materials are for PC's, so I'm feeling as if the Mac and Adobe are having issues. Come to think of it, I think they are fighting a lot these days and guess who pays!

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                                              jendehaan Level 4

                                              Well, we (Adobe Flash) certainly supports Macs just like Win (again, half our testing is on them and we even released a Mac-only hot fix based on a bug found on this forum). As for books and community support, that's out of our control so that's very true it could be more skewed towards Win.


                                              It's possible that the workspace was resaved after having those two panels open so it's not an original default one. Did you try removing your configuration files as indicated earlier in this thread, to ensure you're not using a workspace that's already in a bad state? Config files are located  User > Library > Application Support > Adobe > Flash CS4 > en > Configuration. Delete that Configuration folder, restart Flash.

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                                                GhengisJones Level 1

                                                Using CS4 on Visat Ultimate.


                                                I closed Behaviors and Actions in the Classic workspace and still couldn't rename layers.


                                                I switched to Essentials workspace and then could rename layers.


                                                Then switched back to Classic and could still rename layers.


                                                Haven't reopened Behaviors or Actions, though.


                                                Why doesn't Adobe fix this stuff?


                                                And add Type on a Path at the same time!



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                                                  Old Will Level 1

                                                  Update, problem solved. I feel like an idiot, but life goes on.  I just found out that the area above the add layer icon and the area below the Timeline/motion editor, where the eye and lock are  -- is separated by a grey line which can be moved to the right. Apparently, by default, this grey line is moved to the far left, which hides the word Layer and any changes to the layer properties.  Hence, by moving the grey line (which turns into a double arrow), a layer name can be changed by double clicking the word layer and so on and so on.  That helps me, hope you enjoyed it as well; it seems to me the default should be moved over to deal with that potential problem (on the Mac).  Maybe it was just me???

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                                                    nat master

                                                    well, you can try create a folder and rename from the folder.