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    dataChange on DateField not working


      I'm using the Flex Trial (build 3.0.2.x) while I'm waiting for my purchase to arrive.


      I've got a DateField in a FormItem; no big deal right? However, I can't seem to get the dataChange event to work. I would expect that when the date in the control is changed, showInfo() would be called. Well, it isn't. Changing the event to 'change' results in the function getting called when I click on the drop-down button of the control so the function works just fine.


           <mx:FormItem label="From:">
                    <mx:DateField id="fromDate" text="12/03/2007" dataChange="showInfo()" />


                  import mx.controls.Alert;
                  public function showInfo():void
                      Alert.show('got here');




      Anything obvious that I'm missing here?