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    onRollOver Question

    chewbears Level 1

      I have a picture that is 500x500.  My stage is 500x500.  I have a tool bar that is on the bottom of the screen.  It is in front of the picture.  My onRollOver command is set so that on roll over the picture changes.  Even if I am hovering over the toolbar the image still changes.  I can not for the life of me figure out how to not have the onRollOver happen when the cursor is over the toolbar.  Picture = pic_mc and toolbar = tb_mc


      I can not figure this out and I know how simple this is, but I am just at a lose.


      Thanks for your help.


      SIDENOTE:  The tool bar is not a rectangle it is an irregular shape so I can't just say X,y area I figured I could use the toolbar shape to be the "block" from the image activating the onRollOver.