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    work in Flash Catalyst beta not saving or inconsistent


      I just downloaded the Flash Catalyst beta (flashcatalyst_b1_win_060109.exe) 06.03.2009.


      I'm using the sample files provided with Adobe tutorial



      When I open the ecotours_ui.psd and try to follow tutorial, initially, the psd elements are not lined up, and so when I reposition them to correct postions, and save, then open fxp file - positions did not hold. And also - when saving 1st time,  program creates 2 fxp files:  ecotours_ui.fxp and  ecotours_site.fxp.

      I can open  ecotours_ui.fxp, but not  ecotours_site.fxp.


      Not an optimal experience so far.


      Is my problem wuth the sample psd file, or Flash Catalyst?


      Does it matter what OS and version I have of Flash and Photoshop?

      I am not opening Flash or Photoshop program so I do not see how version would matter anyhow.


      I have Adobe Web Premium CS3 on a Windows XP box.

      PC has 512mb ram, I need more I know, but could that be a factor?


      Has anyone else encountered these problems?