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    manually created browse sequence not appearing in RH8

    TanTurn Level 1



      I am creating a WebHelp system, and need to create some manual browse sequences that contain reused topics. I haven't done this in a while so I took a look at the help and followed the steps as follows:


      1) From the Tools menu, open the Browse Sequence Editor.

      2) Create a new browse sequence title.

      3) From the left pane, add the required topics.

      4) Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all browse sequences are created.

      5) Click OK.


      In the help, it states that an Enable Browse Sequence dialog box may  appear (the help says "If"). No such dialog box appeared. As it said if, I presumed there must be some other location from which to enable the browse sequences.


      I then tested the browse sequences via the link view and it seemed ok.


      I then opened my WebHelp single source layout, and selected the Browse Sequence options, and clicked Finish.


      When I opened my generated file, there were no browse sequences, no back/forth buttons, no indication what so ever that these topics are in a browse sequence.


      Can anyone help me? Am I missing something. Is there some way that I should be invoking the Enable Browse Sequence dialog box. The help doesn't actual state where this dialog box can be accessed from.


      I checked my BRS file and the browse sequences are listed in there.


      Thank you,