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    Components, drag panels, 3d, so on

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      1) Not all FB components are presented... no place for costume (for ex pv3d based) components?

      2) CS4? heh... how to drag panels (for ex tools to layers to middle of screen )?

      3) no z in standart component propertys?

      4) how to close Selection window?

      5) lang pacs?

      6) Eclipse how to turn it on???


      sory for my EN

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          Adam Altman (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          1) The list of components in the Beta release is incomplete. We will be adding more components as development continues.


          2) I don't know what you are asking about with CS4. Other than the HUD, the panels in the Beta release are not draggable.


          3) Correct. The z property is not editable through the Catalyst Beta UI. If you want to change the order in which components are stacked, you can drag them around in the Layers panel, but this isn't modifying the z property. If you want to modify the z property itself, you will need to edit the code in Builder after you are finished with the design in Catalyst.


          4) You can turn the HUD on and off through the Window=>HUD menu item (F7 is the shortcut key).


          5) As far as I know, the Beta is only available in English.


          6) I'm not sure what you mean here. If you are trying to edit the generated code, you are going to have to use Builder for that. The Code view in Catalyst is read-only.


          -Adam Altman

          Catalyst Engineering

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            Mark Anders
            6) Eclipse how to turn it on???

            While Flash Catalyst is written using the Eclipse Framework, it is used in such a way that you can't simply use the plugins within an Eclipse installation or do other things like add random plugins to Flash Catalyst.


            This was a deliberate decision -- we wanted Flash Catalyst to look and feel like a design tool, and the Eclipse look and feel is so far off, that we had to alter things that other plugins might depend on to achieve the experience we were going after.  As a result, it's not a developer tool (as Eclipse is by default), but that was never the goal.


            Hope that answers it!