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    WebHelp built in RH 7 produces TOC errors when embedded into product code


      I'm using RoboHelp to maintain and generate WebHelp help files for a software product. When the Webhelp is embedded into our software, suddenly errors occur. When the WebHelp has been embedded into our product code and you click on help topic X in the navigation pane, the right-hand pane displays the selected topic content properly -- but, the navigation pane is not updated and the name of the selected topic is NOT highlighted.


      However, when I view the help files by themselves (that is, when they're not embedded), selecting a help topic causes its name to be highlighted in the navigation pane, and the highlighting changes if I select a different topic, etc. (In other words, the TOC behaves as it should.)


      Does anyone have any idea what might be causing the TOC errors to occur only in the embedded help? The Webhelp files aren't modified in any way before the developers embed them.