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    What!? No Fireworks Support!?


      Flash Catalyst is beginning to look more like a joke!


      When I downloaded the beta, I couldn't believe that Adobe doesn’t offer anyway to port Fireworks “.PNG” files into the software. I guess Photoshop and Illustrator support is the best you’ll get folks—it’s like Adobe’s saying, “never mind those UI designers using a more efficient tool Macromedia developed.


      Well, in order to use Flash Catalyst, we better start thinking more like photographers, desktop publishers, or video editors, instead of real user interface designers.


      I don’t get it…Fireworks is you’re initial UI design platform, instead of Adobe thinking…Photoshop, Illustrator, then Catalyst to Flash Builder, Adobe should be thinking—Fireworks, Catalyst, then Flash Builder.


      Wake up guys…time to start listening to your customers again.


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          OlejnikP Level 1

          Ok, so, here's one solution:


          If Adobe finally decides to use the Fireworks ".PNG" engine, they shouldn't have to introduce .FXG into the Fireworks product line, since the onus is on Flash Catalyst to port Fireworks, not the other way around.


          Using the Fireworks engine, features such as "Pages", or perhaps even Fireworks's "States", would allow for more seamless “.PNG” porting into Catalyst. Also, doing so, would eliminate all those steps one has to take to merely generate states within Catalystsaving UI designers time by giving them the option to simply make adjustments to the Catalyst timeline. Not only is this faster, but it makes more logical sense!



          I am beginning to think Adobe’s in over their heads with this one.





















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            I have to agree. Until Fireworks is fully supported and is the primary step in this process, this thing is parked. Designing UI's, apps etc. in PS and AI is simply awful.

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              Dude.. dont be a ******....

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                Sh3LLz Level 1

                This isnt the senate floor. No need for the hostility. They couldve left us with the tools weve always had.

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                  OlejnikP Level 1

                  O, Photoshop lover undercover I see...






                  Well, agreed, but they also could lose business to competitor (fill in the blank), which actually provides the right solution. Don't be fooled; Adobe's agenda isn't merely in providing you with the correct amount of tools, it's to make money by coming up with various new platforms to spin.



                  It's one thing to develop a product, it's another to build a product that doesn't migrate...well, how should I say this--with your own product line?