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    gotoAndPlay Next frame when next frame is X frames ahead?


      So I have a time line.  Every 90 frames the picture changes.  I would like to add previous and next buttons.  I know how to gotoAndPLay and how to do next frames but never encounter this issue where my next frame is +90 frames ahead?  How do you deal with this?  Also can you be at the first frame (suppose my last frame is 360) and subtract 90 frames so that the person would start at frame 270?  Also would the action script only be able to + or - from where the person was or could I set markers so that a person clicks next and will go to first frame 90 then 180 then 270 then 360?  and vice versa? 0 - 270 - 180 90 0





      Just thought of this:


      Or could I make markers on a timeline if its not exactly 90 +/- and call the next to go to them?