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    [Bug] Flash Generated SWCs not updating in Package Explorer




      I am testing FB4 with an AS-only project (no flex SDK). The goal is to create assets in an FLA using Flash CS4, export them as a SWC and have the SWC Library Symbols show in the FB Package Explorer by adding the SWC to the project library path. This works great, however there seems to be a bug where the SWCs are not updating in some cases.


      To reproduce:

      Create an AS project in FB.

      Create an FLA and have it publish to "assets.swc".

      Add the SWC into the FB project's library path.

      Add a library symbol in the FLA with linkage class "assets.MySymbol".

      Add a movieclip in the new symbol called "myMC"

      Publish FLA to SWC.

      Browse the FB Package Explorer -> Referenced Libraries -> assets.swc

      Verify that the 'assets ->MySymbol.abc -> MySymbol -> myMC' item shows up

      In CS4, change the name of the movielcip to "myMC2"

      Re-Publish SWC

      Recompile FB project

      Do a right-click refresh on FB project

      New MC name is not reflected in package explorer.