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    Is Flex and Fluint now combined?

    WeeJavaDude Level 1

      I read a post in the Fluint project that seemed to indicate that Fluint and FlexUnit where combined with FlexUnit 4.  Is this the case and if so,  should a project that just started out a few months back move from Fluint 1.1.1 to Flex 4?

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          mlabriola Level 4

          The functionality that is available in Fluint 1.1.1 is also available inside of FlexUnit 4. However, Fluint 1.1.1 is a release version. Right now FlexUnit 4 is just in beta, so you need to keep that in mind.


          They are completely code compatible though, so anything written in Fluint 1.1.1 will work in FlexUnit 4 without change. FlexUnit 4 offers a new metadata model for marking tests and case and will continue to offer a lot of additional functionality.


          So, depending on your schedule, etc. you will need to decide what is best for your project.