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    FC Timeline Auto Effects

    loosepaint Level 1

      Are Auto Effects intentionally missing from Flash Catalyst Beta 1?  I can only see 1 option  -  "Add Selected Objects to Timeline"


      I'm not sure if this is due to an action on my part or if it's just not available yet.  I have noticed that FC is automatically creating effects, though.

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          Eric Lopatin (Adobe) Level 2

          FC now automatically creates zero duration effects in the Timeline for each group and/or item on the artboard when you duplicate states. A new "Smooth Transition" button in the timeline will add a 1/2 second duration to each effect.


          On a related note, Catalyst also adds entries when you create action sequences for selected items (e.g. select an ellipse and click On Load>Play Action Sequence in the HUD). You can add new objects to existing action sequences by highlighting a sequence entry, selecting an object on the artboard and hitting the Add Object button (or Timelines>Add Object to Timeline).



          Catalyst QE

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            loosepaint Level 1

            Thanks Eric!!!