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    How can I get Adobe support to help?


      I have a simple request, my license (purchased in 12/08) doesn't work now. My HD crashed and the new install won't work. I have a case opened online on 5/25/09 that has not even been acknowledged. I just spent an hour on the phone while Tech Support decided it was a Customer Service problem and Customer Service decided it was a Technical Support problem. When they tried to connect me to the Premiere support area the Photoshop support area picked up. When they tried to connect me to the Premiere Elements help I was disconnected. No progress after 71 minutes on the phone. From looking around online I know I'm not the only one. How can I get assistance????

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          If you want to contact Adobe, you should click the Contact button at the top of this page.


          You can also try the link listed in the FAQs to the right of this forum.



          Nobody here but us fellow users.

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            prodemann Level 1

            Steve, thanks for the answer but I have contacted Adobe and I do know that this area is fellow users. The answer that I was hopeful of finding here was how to negotiate Adobe's Customer Support. With no response via the online support and the runaround via phone support I'm pulling out what hair I have left. All I want is to be able to use what I purchased directly from them.

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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              This won't help you now, but go to this link in my Adobe Notes and read about the program I use to make a full backup of my hard drive


              If a drive crashes, or if I even do a test install and want to go back, the IMAGE program I use works very well



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                prodemann Level 1

                John, I appreciate that link. I should know better, I'm an IT professional that got caught being lazy with my home system . I now have a NAS server (network attached storage) and imaging of computers using VMWare ESXi. Any suggestions on how to get Adobe to be more responsive?

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  There is no magic wand for making tech support behave. They're usually extremely helpful and knowledgeable, so I'm not sure why you're having problems.


                  Meantime, you could also pose your technical questions here or, even better, at http://muvipix.com/phpBB3/


                  There are lots of knowledgeable people who can help you if you can offer some specifics.


                  For instance, you say your hard drive crashed. Does that mean that you've installed a brand new drive with a brand new edition of Windows? Which operating system? Have you ensured you have all of the software updates (Vista SP2 or XP SP3) and the latest Quicktime?


                  Have you ensured that the drive is properly installed (in both the BIOS and the operating system) and that it is formatted properly?


                  And what specifically is or is not happening when you try to install? Does the installation program launch? Where does it fail?


                  You could be dealing with any number of issues -- most of which probably have nothing at all to do with Adobe software (which may be why they've been unable to help). That's why I recommend Muvipix. Lots of great tech people there who know operating systems.

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                    prodemann Level 1

                    Darn, I was hoping for a "magic wand"! My technical needs are simple. I had a hard drive fail and had to reinstall my Vista Ultimate. This requires that I re-install my software. Since I purchased Premiere Elements online there is a record of the serial key and a link for downloading the software. I downloaded and inserted the key during the install and I get a big red "X" to the right of it, saying that it is not a valid key. Technical support at Adobe says it is a valid key and that it's a Customer Service issue. Customer Service says that it's a Technical Support issue.


                    So my problem isn't with my computer or the usability of Premiere Elements, it's getting it licensed. The only thing that I can think might be wrong would be:

                    1. I installed the wrong version, but I downloaded it right from the downloads section of my account.
                    2. I registered my installation and now the serial number won't work because it has already been used.


                    Both of these are pure guesses on my part.

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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      I actually had something similar happen, and it's usually an easy fix. You just let customer service know the situation and they reset your online registration.


                      Though it really shouldn't be happening, if you've got an all-new version of Windows and an all-new hard drive. These programs allow for two installations for the same owner on two separate computers. So I suspect something else might be up.


                      But, again, that's why I directed you to the folks at Muvipix. A couple of them are terrific with computer issues.

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                        BedtymeBear Level 2

                        prodemann wrote:


                        I get a big red "X" to the right of it, saying that it is not a valid key.

                        What version of Premiere Elements is it?

                        Does the number you're entering start with 1143 or 1057? (If it's different, what are the first 4 digits?)

                        Are you entering this in the installer, or after installing when you start up the program?

                        Is User Account Control still enabled in Windows (it's a default option in Vista)? If not, I'd suggest re-enabling it and then trying again.

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                          prodemann Level 1

                          Thanks BedtymeBear, I thought that idea had promise. It is Premiere Elements 7 and the license begins with 1143. I entered it in the installer first, when it didn't work I went ahead with the "trial" installation. Now when I try it it's when the program opens. I had turned User Account Control off so I re-enabled it, rebooted the PC, and tried licensing PE7. Alas, no luck. Thanks for the suggestion though.

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                            BedtymeBear Level 2

                            OK. So, I think you're making progress then.

                            If you installed the program without the serial, then it's a trial and it'll only accept special "trial" serial numbers, which yours probably isn't. (I had this problem with Elements 4, and it was a bit annoying, but that's what tech support told me was the problem anyhow.)


                            Leave UAC on (if it's off again, then re-enable and reboot the system), uninstall Elements, and then re-install. Hopefully with UAC on, it'll accept the serial in the install process.  If it rejects it there again, then don't install as a trial.

                            Instead, you might need to reset the serial number file the the program uses.

                            Quit the installer if it's open, go to the Common Files folder in Program Files (or the x86 PF folder if you have 64-bit Vista), then into Adobe\Adobe PCD\cache. There should be a cache file here, so rename it to something else and then restart the installer. (I didn't have to do this part to fix my issue with Elements 4, but tech support had told me that I might, so I'm not 100% sure it'll work, but it's worth a shot.)


                            If it fails again, then (again with UAC on), set up a new user in Vista (make sure it's an admin) and do the install there. if the installer takes it, finish your install, and start up the program to make sure it works. if it does, you can probably just go back to your user and it'll continue to work.



                            (By the way, from reading articles on MSDN a while back, I gathered that Vista was never tested by Microsoft with UAC disabled, which is why I recommend leaving it enabled. If you just think it's annoying, then see this blog and this article for more info.)

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                              I thought I had this fixed when I had the same error as you described.  The welcome screen said, "Excuse the interruption, but... Our records indicate that the serial number used to set up this software is invalid."  I bought the software via Adobe's online download and received a valid serial number after purchase but they don't work together.  Note, I did install a new download of the program AFTER installing the trial version (which I think is ultimately the problem).


                              I called Adobe at 800-833-6687 and was told to backup and delete the corrupted .data file under FLEXnet directory under the program data subdirectory under my c:\ drive.  (For Vista users, go to c:\programdata\FLEXnet\adobe_*00000*.data).  Then, I restarted the program and it seemed to work.


                              HOWEVER, if you have any other Adobe products, they, too, will have to be reactivated.  And, if you have already done the allowable two installs, you will have to call them to be able to reactivate your other Adobe products.


                              Finally, maybe you can make a backup copy of the working .data file after you get it fixed.  Then, if you have problems in the future (like I'm having again now), you might be able to avoid the future hassle when the error repeats itself again.  According to my recent "Excuse me..." screen, I now have 29 days to get this fixed again.


                              I do hope that Adobe comes up with a patch/fix/update for the Adobe Premier 7.0 (T09 - 9-30-2008)[R] soon!


                              P.S.  I do run Vista with UAC disabled and will try the suggestions from the above post.

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                                "edgerocker" has had bushels of similar Adobe actions and inactions.  As you say, I just want the product to work.

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                                  edgerocker Level 1

                                  Photoshop CS4 Extended still doesn't operate (open, work or uninstall and then install).  Nothing works. Tech Support is supposed to be doing the ultimate fix this week.  But not even any response from them this week.  Ok, so maybe they both got swine flue, but really...?!


                                  One thing, my analysis of why Adobe was so bad at customer service and tech support turns out to be correct.  I'm sure I'll see if in fact anything gets fixed with Adobe staff and their "offshore resources."


                                  So far, since Spring 2009, nothing & none at Adobe have been reliable.  Except, that things don't operate as expected: Photoshop CS4 still does not operate, etc.  It seems that all but this one, above entry by me has been removed.  Adobe, don't just clean up evidence of your NG acts, and failures to perform.  Please fix the problems.  You can hide them from others in a forum... however, Adobe staff, on down and up, can't fool all the people all the time.


                                  I am writing because, I'm getting what seems to be the run around again:


                                  Will the Tech Support, Seattle, Ms. T, who promised to call me with another more knowledgeable person Mr. M, pleaase do as promised and contact me so we can fix these applications (Bridge doesn't work either - and of course, Corel 4 has never worked properly either).  


                                  I am wondering how to fix Ph CS4 Ex when the 3rd level tech is says she's reached her max level of expertise and Matt can fix the problem.  Egads.


                                  Thank you to anyone who can help Ms. T & Mr. M.


                                  And, no, I am not going to do what one writer told me to do and "bootleg" a copy...there is no place for piracy amongst customers, just as there would  be no place for bad faith and unfair dealing by Adobe.  So, I am patiently working with Adobe, and hopefully, we will have a result that may benefit all concerned.

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                                    edgerocker Level 1

                                    Not exactly just us users, as written above by "Steve."  This forum site is monitored.


                                    I know, because I have been contacted by he/them.  There is even a group of people that decided that my statements - which were reported as abuse - resulted in one of the monitors to inform that the forum was being stopped.  His moderating or monitoring group determined that what I wrote was NOT abusive and supposedly it was reinstated.


                                    How does one even assert that a site run by Adobe state that there's no one here but us users?  Well, come to think about it, it's a broad enough statement to cover the asserter. yea, we are all users, but many of us have also been abused.  Guessing maybe not you?


                                    Just know that you are far from alone in your problems with Adobe.  Adobe needs to respond to customers.

                                    By the way, if  you buy gold or above level support, "Support" states in writing that they are open 24/7 for your issues.


                                    But for people at Bronze, Silver or nothing prepaid they for Support, well take it as you feel or felt it means to you.