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    trouble with session variables

      Hello, I am a user of cf for a number of years, but only lately as of last week have I had the opportunity to work with CF 8.... wow the changes are quite intimidating. But none the less press on is my thought, so now my trouble. Thing I did was to start using application.cfc vs application.cfm, as it would appear that is how things have come to pass. So I looked around and found this code to set session management:

      <cfcomponent output="false" hint="Handles application level events.">

      <!--- Set up the application. --->
      <cfset THIS.Name = "AppCFC" />
      <cfset THIS.ApplicationTimeout = CreateTimeSpan( 0, 0, 60, 0 ) />
      <cfset THIS.SessionManagement = true />
      <cfset THIS.SetClientCookies = false />

      <CFSET request.dsn = "wlaw" />

      My problem is that while I can define a session variable on a page that is not under the SSL cert, my session vars become undefined once I land on a page under SSL.

      Am I missing something? I dont recall this being a problem in the past. All help is appreciated.

      as to setting the var, it is done on an index page which calls another page in a different directory, but under the same server,.
      <cfset session.ref="foo">

      the only changes are that the result page or action page if you prefer is now under the ssl and the var becomes undefined.

      thank you in advance
      Mike Dooly