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    Programs using adobe air platform


      Hello everybody, I have downloaded a bunch of programs that use the adobe air platform. Programs like tweetdeck, twhirl, seesmic, spaz and some other. The thing is that, none of them work for me and I don't know if it's because there is some problem with adobe air not letting them connect properly. They are all programs which allow users to connect to their twitter account, but they just try to log in, and they stay there but nothing happens. Some of them say that they can't connect to twitter, or they just keep logging forever.


      The reason why I'm here is because I downloaded like 7 similar programs and not one of them work. So I don't think every single one of them has problems. That's why I'm wondering if the problem could be Adobe AIR? Can anyone please share their opinions on this? Because if Adobe AIR is not the problem I have to start looking somewhere else.


      I've already requested support from every single program, to see if they have some solution. I'm just here because I wanna know if the reason why none of them connect could be because of Adobe AIR?


      Thank you so much.