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    can't scale a component


      I was using Catalyst for sketching out an idea.  I made a custom component out of a simple square, then made it a button. I used that component on my sketch in several instances but on one instance, I wanted to scale it and it won't let me. And if I double click on it and then scale the square, all of my other buttons scale!

      Also, and maybe this is because its beta. Why can't I just rotate and scale with the black arrow? I think the rotate tool can be eliminated, or at least give me a more powerful rotation.

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          So I've done a search on "component" in the Catalyst forum, and this post seemed to be the closest match for my biggest frustration with Flash Catalyst (beta 2), which I believe is echoed in aynne's post...


          Support for custom components kind of stinks.


          Maybe this is a developer-biased perspective (heavy Flex dev for 3+ years now), but I was hoping to be able to take artwork, build a custom component, and "expose" instance-configurable parameters, be that height, rotation, a String, etc. that would apply only to that instance (and the currently active state).  For example, I wanted to create a button that had a rectangle that sized to fit the label text (in this case, adding artwork later).  Label text is supported as state and instance specific, but I couldn't make the rectangle instance or state specific; size, color, opacity, nada...  Boo.  Same deal with trying to create the equivalent of a Flex FormItem in Catalyst.


          I've now grabbed Flash Builder 4 beta 2 to see if that gives me more control.  I'm crossing my fingers that the return trip to Catalyst doesn't strip or otherwise cripple my custom components.  I'm expecting it won't "expose" my custom variables though.


          I had high hopes when I saw the "Set Property" option in the "Add Action" state transition maintenance of the Timelines tab.  Not even height and width are exposed as configurable with this action though.


          Am I missing something?  I would love to be schooled.

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            Maybe if you duplicate your component, in your library, then drag it over into the artboard. It will have a different name (identity), and then when you double click and change the scale, the other buttons you have will remain the same.


            Hope it helps. Good luck.