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    Flex SDK 4 : mx.chart package and declaration of style 'direction' conflicts with previous declaration problem


      Hi There,


      We have recently downloaded SDK 4 and had configured the same for
      developement in flex builder 3, we are already using SDK 3.0. However
      to our surprise there were compile time error reported for mx.chart
      related classes. To resolve this we thought to import relevant .swc
      like datavisualization, automation from sdk 3.0, and it worked and
      resolved compile time error. But we landed up in on more problem that
      is 'Declaration of style 'direction' conflicts with previous
      declaration in E:\Softwares\FlexBuilder\sdks\SDK 4\frameworks\libs


      If you could pleas help us to resolve these issues and also if you
      could answer these queries would be good


      1) SDK 4 has been declared to be open source, then why mx.chart
      package is not part of it?
      2) Why would 'Declaration of style 'direction' conflicts with previous
      declaration' occur?
      3) What are the other component and packages that are not part of open
      source for which license is still required?


      Waiting for reponse in anticipation.