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    ItemRenderer sample

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      I am working on a datagrid which has itemRenderer in some of its columns.The itemRenderer has a textInput and an image .On click of the image the value edited in the textInput should be applied to the lower row textInput fields.Since the edited text is not available in the data object ,I would like to know the best way i can transmit the edited textinput value to the lower row textinput fields.


      Thanks in advance


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          You can call parentDocumento.myfunction




          <mx:Component id="irAcoes">

          <mx:HBox width="60" horizontalGap="0" verticalAlign="middle">



          import com.clinica.utils.Functions;

          import com.clinica.utils.ImagePics;



          <mx:LinkButton toolTip="Incluir novo hor‡rio" width="20" icon="{ImagePics.mais}" tabEnabled="false" focusEnabled="false" click="parentDocument.incluirHorario()" visible="{Functions.addDateTime(data.dataUTC, data.hora) >= new Date()}"/>

          <mx:LinkButton toolTip="Cancelar hor‡rio" width="20" icon="{ImagePics.menos}" tabEnabled="false" focusEnabled="false" click="parentDocument.cancelarHorario()" visible="{!(data.consulta != null || data.paciente == null || data.tipo==3)}"/>

          <mx:LinkButton toolTip="Marcar/desmarcar chegada" width="20" icon="{ImagePics.paciente}" tabEnabled="false" focusEnabled="false" click="parentDocument.marcarChegada(event)" visible="{!(data.consulta != null || data.paciente == null || data.tipo==3)}"/>