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    font rendering


      hello again,

      it's me or there is something wrong with the FC font rendering engine? Everything looks different, somewhat bigger, antialias? Thanks.

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          Eric Lopatin (Adobe) Level 2


          If you're using faux bold or faux italic settings, these aren't supported in the Catalyst Beta and will cause incorrect shifts in the positioning of imported text. But regardless, there are differences in the appearance of text which occur when it's displayed by Flash Player 10 (on the artboard in Catalyst or at runtime in the SWF) vs. the way text is rendered in Illustrator and Photoshop. With Player 10, there's been a lot of work to uplevel font handling and display fidelity so it visually matches source artwork. However the caliber of the match can vary depending upon font size and characteristics.


          On a related note, if you're on Windows do you have Cleartype enabled? Player is dependent on MS Cleartype to provide anti-aliasing.




          (Catalyst QE)-

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            jadd61 Level 1

            im mac os x and i don't use faux things . But again there is a lot of difference between art works txst and the same text in FC and I think it's a FC problem.

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              Eric Lopatin (Adobe) Level 2

              Could you post a few screen captures which show the differences you're seeing between the source art and how it's rendered in Catalyst?


              Also, just to rule out some known font naming issues we're dealing with: (if it's possible to pinpoint them) which fonts are you using where weight problems are most evident? Fonts with names such as 'semibold condensed italic' or 'bold condensed italic' often import and create code that results in the use of a font from the correct family, but with different attributes.


              The above more narrow cases notwithstanding, please note that the version of the Player and text engine are not the final versions which will ship with Catalyst 1.0. Many text handling features in Catalyst such as first line indents, margins, space before and after, superscript, subscript, etc. are still in the works as well.