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    Panel border color vs canvas color


      Having a bit of a headache with Panel borders and canvas colours.


      Having removed the drop shadow from the panel, I now want the panel to appear to merge with a neighbouring canvas. So I figure set the panel border and the canvas colour to the same value, allow the canvas width to overlap the panel border and we should be ok.


      Works ok with two canvases like this.


      Yet it seems if set colour of the canvas to #000000 I get a black canvas, as I would expect. The same colour set to the panel border and I get a dark grey.


      Two questions:


      - can I tell the panel to use the colour I have asked it to?

      - can anyone explain the principles/reasons why it seems to work this way rather than doing as I tell it to?


      Using Flex Eclipse plugin for SDK 3.


      Thanks for any help.