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    Paragraph formatting


      It appears that multiple text paragraphs in a single text box are not yet supported.  (The initial paragraph is indented, but the returns, indents and inter-paragraph spacing for subsequent paragraphs do not appear -- the the text runs on as one long paragraph.)


      Also, justified paragraphs (in Photoshop) seem to appear as flush left (in Catalyst).


      Can you confirm?  Thanks.  Bill

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          Eric Lopatin (Adobe)

          Hi Bill,

          Confirmed; a lot of the paragraph handling attributes for RichText elements are still being implemented.


          e.g. margins and justification settings available in Photoshop files are not yet represented correctly on the artboard in Catalyst. Some of these are ignored by the compiler when you run the project, and others cause errors at runtime (such as marginRight and marginLeft).



          (Catalyst QE)

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            bruce_adobe Adobe Employee

            Just to be clear, the support for a reasonably complete set of text tools will appear before we ship the final product. What's in Beta 1 is, as you note, extremely minimal.


            - Bruce