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    Problem Creating Project (Flash Builder 4) which uses LiveCycle DS


      I have a web app which uses LiveCycle DS 2.6.1, however, when I try to create a new flex project I am getting this error:


      Only LiveCycle Data Services 2.6 and higher are supported.


      Here are the steps in Flash Builder 4


      1. File -> New -> Flex Project

      2. Set project name

      3. Point folder to existing source code

      4. Change "Application server type" to "J2EE"

      5. Check the "Use remote object acces service"

      6. Select "LiveCycle Data Services ES" radio button

      7. Click next

      8. Un-check "Use default location for local LiveCycle Data Services server

      9. Set "Root Folder" to "C:\tomcat\webapps\myapp"

         -- in myapp, I have WEB-INF\flex of course

      10. Set root URL and context root

      11. Click "Validate Configuration"


      This gives me the error: "Only LiveCycle Data Services 2.6 and higher are supported."


      Any ideas?  How is Flash Builder determining the version of LiveCycle?