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    Learning Air

    adrian luck
      Hi I am an intermediate skill actionscript programming chap, completely new to Flex and Air, about to embark on making an application that will be used to help people who have severe physical impairment. (Not for profit project)


      I am Asking for advice as to the way to proceed with the project, what to learn about Air and flex and in what order.


      I want to make a script that replicates a movie clip called holder, to produce a linear sequence of movie clips.
      I want to add Air drag an drop functionality so that sound files can be dropped into the movie clips in the sequence.
      When the sequence is complete I want the sequence to scan and play the sound files.


      Where do I start, I could make the movie clip and create a class using flash and then open it in Flex where Air components could be added?
      Or should I start in Flex?


      Any help would be most appreciated