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    Radio Button Value Calculator and Answer




      I am a relatively new Live Cycle user, and have a particular question regarding a survey style form sent to our clients.

      I am developing a short survey for our clients, in which the user answers a few questions that have a few answers in the form of radio buttons. The radio buttons all have assigned values.


      What I am attempting to do is to make an image appear depending on the sum value of the radio button answers (so if the sum falls within certain ranges one of the possible 4 answers comes up in the form of an image).

      Is this possible?

      Thanks for your help,



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          pguerett Level 6

          You will need to load all images in the form and use the presence property of the image to show/hide the image at the right time. You cannot dynamically load an image once the form is rendered without user intervention.


          So you could so something like this (assuming the Radion Buttons are in a RadioButton Group called RBG1 and the images are image1 and Image2):


          if (RBG1.rawValue  == "1){

               Image1.presence = "visible";

               Image2.presence = "invisible";

          } else {

              if (RBG1.rawValue == "2" ){

                Image2.presence = "visible";

                Image1.presence = "invisible";