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    PhotoShop Server???




      I wonder if there is a "Server PhotoShop" for conversion of images and generation of previews.

      Sorry, i dont speek inglish very well.

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          As far as I know there is no Photoshop Server. You could use a desktop version as a server for automating tasks but this is obviously not a real server. But honestly, I know more about IDS than Photoshop. There are a lot of other libraries and tools to do image manipulation (depending on the language you do your development).


          InDesign Server can be used to crearte a preview in PDF or JPG based on an InDesign document. So do your image manipulation using any tool/lib and use IDS to create the preview.

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            Dirk Becker  Level 4

            Your question rang a bell, but when I googled the keywords, I got to this page:


            The Q&A has at least some links.



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              FullSWITCH or PowerSWITCH can help you further. I already programmed some photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and InDesignServer (with SOAP) workflows with SWITCHE. Is a very high performance software. Example her Flow-Example or www.enfocus.com



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                lhanneman Level 1





                You mentioned that you can use IDS to generate a preview JPG for a document? Is it possible to use IDS to generate a preview of a single picture frame or text frame (or even grouped frames) ?


                Thanks in advance!



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                  OSLOT Level 1

                  @Loyd; I have never used IDS to export specific objects from a document/page but I know it is possible to export only the selected objects from a page from the InDesign desktop version (export>JPG>selection). Theoratically this should also be possible using javascript and IDS.

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                    jlockman Adobe Employee

                    Please note that your EULA does not allow you to use Photoshop (or InDesign or Illustrator or Acrobat or...) on a machine that allows more than one user access to the program. That is to say, you can't write scripts for Photoshop and trigger those scripts from a hot folder if more than one user can have access to the hot folder.


                    That having been said, at the end of 2010, Adobe created licenses for programmatic use of both Photoshop and Illustrator. These special licenses allow you to deploy Photoshop or Illustrator on a server and make scripts available to anyone within the company. Let's say you have a graphics department that needs to convert large amounts of PSD files to jpeg and png, and you don't want to dedicate a person to that task. Or, let's say you regularly do profile to profile conversions. Or, that you have an image processing workflow that requires several steps for which you have created actions, and that you'd like everyone in the workgroup to do the same way. Programmatic Photoshop is a great solution for these and other regular image processing tasks.


                    Programmatic Photoshop and Illustrator are not Servers in the way that InDesign Server is a server. These are simply your desktop PS and AI, but licensed for programmatic use by a workgroup. For many companies, this license offers advantages in that it frees up one or more people to do money making tasks for the company rather than tedious image conversions. Also, it may allow companies to take capital deductions where they might not have before.


                    The user must build their own scripts and also their own interface to the scripts. Many companies use Apple Automator in conjunction with one or both of these programmatic licenses, since it is easy to build a hot folder that fires off AppleScript and then monitors the result. Since many companies already have Actions and scripts that they are using across the workgroup, this licensing option makes it easier for IT to manage the scripts by consolidating onto one or more central image processors running Programmatic Photoshop and/or Illustrator.


                    Talk to your local Adobe sales person to learn more about these new licensing options for Photoshop and Illustrator.

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                      Harbs. Level 6

                      Hi James,


                      I didn't know that. That's great to know. Thanks!




                      P.S. I just requested they give you an employee badge...

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                        jlockman Adobe Employee

                        Well, Gabe, this sure looks like an opportunity for you.


                        Get busy with your Illustrator and Photoshop scripting!



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                          Harbs. Level 6

                          Right now I'm gearing up for a major ID Server project. Maybe when that's behind me...




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                            /forrest/ Level 1

                            If I don't have a "local Adobe sales person", where can I find out  more about the programmatic license?

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                              lockjaw8y9 Level 1

                              See my note above; that's about all there is to it. Currently, there isn't a SKU that you can order from CDW or SHI or any other reseller. We (Adobe) need to be engaged in order to generate that custom SKU for the reseller to fulfill. If you need help in locating the appropriate Adobe Account Executive, then please feel free to contact me at jlockman at adobe dot com.



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                                /forrest/ Level 1

                                I had read your note above, but it wasn't as clear to me as what you just said. I work for a big company and am working on a proposal for something... just needed a quick answer without having to track down answers for questions like "who knows who our rep is?" and all of that stuff. Now I'm sure we can get a SKU so I'll put that as an option in my proposal. Thanks.

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                                  Printhouse Level 1

                                  I just spoke to an Adobe sales person through a chat and this is what he told me (about Illustrator on a server):

                                  Stephen: You will be able to use the single user license as well which can be installed on the Server where you will be able to execute scripts form a hot folder on a server.

                                  you: The software would be installed on a single machine within the company. The files would be sent to a hot folder on that machine from elsewhere. Is that permitted?

                                  Stephen: Not a problem.

                                  you: By "files" I mean for example an XML instructions for the script to be executed on Illustrator.

                                  Stephen: The software can be installed on the single machine within the company and the files can be sent to a hot folder on that machine from anywhere and the files can be executed using Illustrator CC without any issues.

                                  you: Oh, that's awesome.

                                  you: So, why would one need this programmatic license? Just curious.

                                  Stephen: You will need to have the programmatic license for more than one user.

                                  Stephen: Since you are referring to the single user license you will be able to use the Individual software without any issues.

                                  you: So by "user" you understand the installation rather than number of people that would send files to a hot folder on the machine where Illustrator is installed?

                                  Stephen: Yes you are absolutely correct!

                                  So he basically said it doesn't matter who accesses the hot folder as long as there's a single user executing a script.

                                  How does it compare to section (d) and (e) of the license?

                         For clarification and without limitation, the foregoing does not permit Customer to install or access (either directly or through commands, data, or instructions) the Software: (a) from or to a Computer not part of Customer’s Internal Network; (b) for enabling web hosted workgroups or web hosted services available to the public; (c) by any individual or entity to use, download, copy, or otherwise benefit from the functionality of the Software unless licensed to do so by Adobe; (d) as a component of a system, workflow or service accessible by more than the Permitted Number of users; or (e) for operations not initiated by an individual user (e.g., automated server processing).

                                  I'm confused!


                                  Can an Adobe rep post a relevant section from the programmatic license, please? I would like to use Illustrator to execute a script based on the content of a hot folder on a server. Thank you.

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                                    Hi there I wonder can you help, we need this Programmatic licence and no one in Adobe UK has heard of it?

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                                      Transcreation Level 1

                                      Hi great comment, but how, do we, in the UK get hold of the licence based on the SKU. Please advise.

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                                        jlockman Adobe Employee

                                        Mark, you need to contact an Adobe Enterprise direct sales person in the UK. There's a number on the Offices page at adobe.com, or you can always call Enterprise Sales (US toll free number) on Contact | Adobe

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                                          pubTone Adobe Employee

                                          Hi Mark, if you can, please PM me with your contact details and I will get someone back to you tomorrow.



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                                            Transcreation Level 1

                                            Hi there


                                            We are in communication with Rupert Knowles and await his advice.


                                            Thanks for this message.,




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                                              Transcreation Level 1




                                              I am talking to Rupert Knowles over here


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                                                pubTone Adobe Employee

                                                Ok great, thanks!

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                                                  I have a similar question to the one posted here but have not been able to attract any takers yet:




                                                  Could an Adobe rep take a stab at this question?