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    how to open illustrator file (.ai) using Indesign and save it as XML

    Nikkiee POndi Level 1

      I know how to open a Illustrator file (.ai) in Indesign.


      It would be like :


      1 ) Save your Illustrator file as AI. This Native format is most compatible with InDesign.


      2 )  Go to -> InDesign, click on your document using your  Frame Rectangle tool (the one with the X through it).


      3 )  Fill in the desired size (can be adjusted later).


      5 ) Go to File menu > Place.


      6 )  Find and select the Illustrator file in the window that opens.


      7 ) Click the Open button.


      Adjust size, & position of your image using the Direct Selection tool (white arrow), and the cropping with the Seclection tool (black arrow.


      Now I want to save this file as XML.


      After that,  I say


      1 )  File -> Export


      But this file saves as XML only shows he the root element nothing else.

      Every time , this shows like


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>



      Nothing is there as contents.


      Can anyone let me know, is it possible to store .AI file as XML.

      My requirement is simple, i want to store the .ai file as XML.


      Some how I am using Indesign to do so . Can any body help.