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    CP File Cannot Publish EXE Locally




      I'm working with a large (70 slide) presentation in Captivate 3 and it no longer allows me to publish it as a standalone Windows executable.  The "select Flash version" select and "Publish" button are greyed out.  Publishing to SWF works fine, and I have the latest Flash Player installed.  Stranger still, I CAN publish an EXE if I use the FTP option.  So I've been exporting an exe to my FTP server, then downloading it back onto my computer.


      It is specifically a problem with this CP file; I can publish other projects without issue.  If I copy all my slides and paste them into a new project, it resolves the problem but I lose all of my navigation data (all buttons lose their "jump to" target and revert to "continue", keyboard shortcuts for 508 compliance are lost).


      The workaround of publishing to FTP will let me keep my deadline, but I'd rather not leave the project file in this broken state.  Any way to restore desktop exe publishing without redoing all my navigation?