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    Zend Amf & Flex 3, problem when many records returned

    laxmidi Level 1


      I have a project with a start dateField (calendar) and an end dateField (calendar). The user chooses a start date and an end date and the database pulls latitude and longitude coordinates for events that occurred between those dates. If the user chooses dates that produce fewer than roughly 11,200 records, it works perfectly.  If the user chooses dates that produce more than that, it produces the following error message:
      faultString:'Channel disconnected'
      faultDetail:'Channel disconnected before an acknowledgement was received'
      The server is my local machine (localhost). I'm running:
      MAMP   (which has  Apache 2.0.59)
      Flex 3
      I tried editing the my.cnf (mySQL options file) and increased the max_allowed_packet to 32M, but that didn't work.
      It's a strange problem as the same code works when a relatively small amount of data is returned, but doesn't work when more data is pulled. Could it be some sort of memory or packet limit or a time-out that is called?
      If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.