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    xml encoding of custom made objects

    kerna1 Level 1

      I have made a custom class that takes in data from a remote server (accessed through a remote object) and converts it into a value object in my application. Now, I want to parse this value object into XML. So far I have read XML supports many AS predefined objects. Is there a way I can encode and decode custom made objects into XML as well?

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          BennyBeta Level 4

          A simple (though hand-coded) toXML() function could look like:


          public function toXML():XML


          var xmlObject:XML = <object></object>;

          xmlObject.@property1 = object.property1;

          xmlObject.@property2 = object.property2;

          return xmlObject;



          Let me know if that helps or if you're looking for something different.


          Ben Edwards