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    How to access the form items dynamically

    Boubaker.Moussa Level 1

      The issue here is that I want to acces the value in the textboxes dynamically

      Here is the code ( I know its wrong )

      <cfset temp = TaskEntryIDs.Split(',') />

          <cfloop index="x" from="1" to="#arrayLen(temp)#">
          <cfset TempControl = "Form.t"&temp[x]>
          <cfif isdefined("Form.t"&temp[x])>

      I don't know the correct way to access it, I know that the textbox name start with T and the task number

      I know that the textbox for the task number 74 is t74, but how can I access the value of this text box so I can insert it into to the database ?

      Please help me