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    Db -> Beans -> JSP -> Flex


      Hi All,


      I am a total newbie to flex.

      I am modifying an existing application in JSP to Flex.  Most of my application (nearly 50 jsp pages) display data from databases.

      I would like to use flex  datagrid to display the data fetched.What I am planning to do is to have a single flex datagrid component ,

      that takes data from any of this backend table and display.Also I dont want to make any changes in the backend code and make use of it as much as possible .Already my back-end bean components take care of the data acess and the data is available readily as beans in jsp page. I am looking into ways of moving this data from JSP to Flex.


      I am plannig to use a httpservice to achieve this.


      httpservice - Convert the data in JSP to JSON or xml send it to a servlet from where the flex datagrid can access.


      [a servlet that sits as a middleman and transfers xml from jsp  to flex]



      Flex Experts please let me know what is the best way to do this  and your suggestions on my approach.